Patients Speak

Mr. And Mrs. Biswa (Bengaluru)

Thank you very much! After coming back to Assam, my wife became pregnant because of the medication at Manipal Fertility. She is in her fourth month and undergoing consultation with a local gynaecologist here. We have stopped the medication prescribed now. Please mail us in case of any further suggestions.

Mrs. Shilpa Kishore (Bengaluru)

Me and my husband never shared our FEARS with each other to give hope to each other. Though, we were losing hope as we kept knocking the door of doctors. The fear was “Can I be a Parent?” We, in one of our routine round of visiting doctors, sat in front of a strict looking lady doctor who looked at the old reports. She made our problems sound so simple, our problem suddenly looked minute. She gave us the solutions and options which again looked so logical and simple. We gave a pause and said “That’s it”, She asked “Do you want me to add some problems”. We could not understand if it was that SIMPLE, why we went through the mental trauma for 2 years. The relief we experienced that day was as if we had just off loaded all our problems to an ANGEL. That ANGEL was Dr. Nirmala. Exactly a year later I gave birth to a 3.6 Kgs healthy Baby boy after a full term pregnancy. Why do I insist on statistics is, doctors I visited before said, I quote “you cannot conceive” or “If you conceive also you will have miscarriage or have a premature baby” blah blah. People may say ours, is one success story, we have introduced many couples like us and they have a healthy happy children in their lives.

Mrs Smitha Akshaya (Bengaluru)

I take this opportunity to thank you for bringing happiness in your life. Its be 8 long year's of married life for me and smitha. We had medical issues so smitha could not conceive normally so we were advised to see doctors we meet 2 different Reproduction clinic we where not happy due to there approach of the staff or doctors explanation. That time i came to know about Dr. Nirmal and Dr. Varsha so we approached Manipal Fertility on first approach only, they were very polite and helpful has all patient who come to your clinic. Its emotional to all has every one hasve there own stories for not having baby in there life. so i was happy when the staff spoke to me and handled us then when we met Dr Nirmala for the first time she was so polite and explained what is the problem and said don't have to worry she is there and over a period of time my wide is conceived now there is lot of jou in our family. Thanks to Dr Nirmala, Dr Varsha and entire staff of Manipal Fertility hope you guys bring lot of happiness to lot of families.

Mrs. Rashmi Arun (Bengaluru)

I Rashmi Arun for the past 10 years i have been taking the treatment for my pregnancy from various good hospitals from various Doctors. Every Doctor gave me a false promise to which i went for the depression. Then later my family members decided to meet Dr Nirmala. My family members knew madam from the early days. When we visited the clinic we felt the positive vibration over there, Madam Dr Nirmala. Counselled me thoroughly. Madam Thoroughly examined me then later she put me on medication. I followed her instrucitons. I am happy know because, I have been conceived. I would like to thank the staffs and all other members, they were also very nice humble and cooperative. I am very happy and thankful to everyone thanking you Rashmi Arun

Mrs. Henu Manish (Bengaluru)

This is to convey our deep respect and appreciation for Dr. Nirmala. By the year 2003 we had been married for five years and were keen to have a child and were introduced to Dr Nirmala. Her professional and caring approach provided us the reassurance to proceed in a systematic manner. She is like a pillar of support and its seems that you are no longer alone in the journey. In a logical step by step approach, Dr. Nirmala got us to test and confirmed that all key parameters and prerequisties were in the right range. Thereafter, with her guidance and medical expertise, we conceived in a few months. The best part about Dr. Nirmala is that she does not overindulge in inteventional measures and provide appropiate medical advice backed by research at all times. Moreover, her support does not stop here, she is like an angel who walks with you the entire distance. I remember when during the first trimester the pregnancy was going through a rough patch, she was by our side for each scan. Finally it is with pride that we recall Dr Nirmala was at my wife's side when delivered. The good doctor helped provide us with the greatest joy of our lives - Our daughter ! It is a blessing to have Dr. Nirmala's support and we hope that all couples aspiring to become parents can get the same kind of positive advise and guidance.

Mrs. Ambika Harish (Bengaluru)

I am Ambika Harish 31yrs and married for 6yrs.Ihave been to all the big doctors in Chennai and in Bangalore. Experienced Xerox prescriptions, false diagnosis and unsuccessful treatments. Finally my family doctor suggested me to Dr NIRMALA- Manipal Fertility J P nagar. When I called the hospital, the caring attitude of the staff at the hospital made all the difference to me. Everything is well organized , so I never left wondering what will happen next. The counsellor made us feel comfortable during a time that was pretty scary for me! Dr. Nirmala-She is the one who made us achieve our goal of adding to our family. I have just got pregnant(2mnths +).She was beyond my belief, she was caring & concerned. She was top-notched motherly care. You all made us feel comfortable & important! You all will always be a part of our family and we will never forget what you were able to do for us. Weight-94.3kg reduced to 85kg with the dietician advise.

Mr. And Mrs. Nahata (Bengaluru)

Dear Dr. Roopa P, My wife and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your staff for everything that was done to help us achieve our dreams of having a child. Words cannot express our gratitude to you and your staff for the support and care that was given to us. We thank from the bottom of our hearts to you for the support guidance and expertise which was a boost to my wife’s confidence, also the lady who donated her oocyte to my wife helping us to have a chance of parenthood

Mr. And Mrs. Sarkar (Bengaluru)

Firstly I would like to thank Dr. Bina, Dr. Nirmala and their staff for their support, kindness throughout the treatment. I never came across any difficulty and the days few quickly. Dr. Bina and Dr. Nirmala are at par equally good which I felt they are God’s gift to people who are thirsting for baby. They are excellent and their kindness is awesome. I have no words to express how I am over excited that the report has come positive. I wish them all success throughout their career. I even thank God for guiding us to Dr. Bina, Dr. Nirmala. My sincere thanks Dr. Bina, Dr. Nirmala and their staff.

Mr. And Mrs. Nayak (Bengaluru)

We are thankful and delighted to have received the joy of parenthood. We have been without child for six years now, we had IVF’s in Chennai, Kolar & many centers, without positive results, had to bear, the pain of scans, Laparoscopy and failed IVF’s. From day one, Manju madam and staff here have been outstanding. Everything was explained to us in detail, support provided to us was outstanding. I would recommend Manipal Fertility to anyone who wants to experience the delight of parenthood.

Mrs. Shilpa (Bengaluru)

It was a great experience. We were planning for a second child for nearly 4 months; we were suggested to visit Dr.Nirmala. When we met her she was very supportive and filled with positivity. The staff at Manipal Fertility is very supportive The doctor suggested IUI. The first time itself it was very positive, it’s a wonderful feeling. I thank the doctor and the staff at Manipal Fertility for their support. Thank you for giving us the happiness of pregnancy once again. God bless you and carry on the good work.